Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do you take children?
We normally take children from the age of six. Younger children however usually benefit from other siblings or parent for support and practise when at home. 

Do you have to be physically fit?
Whilst it helps to have a basic level of fitness, the syllabus is designed to gradually increase fitness and flexibility during your training.

Is there a maximum age?
No, there is no maximum age. Karate Hull have had many students who do not take karateKarate Teenager Girls up until they are 40's and 50's who have still gone on to achieve black belt level.

How often should I train?
It is recommended that you train twice a week. However we understand that todays world sometimes doesn't allow us to do this, that is why our free members area takes advantage of social feeds to keep in touch and online films of the syllabus which can be practised in the smallest of rooms!

How long does it take between gradings?
Training twice a week, it is normally takes 3 to 4 months between grading's (which increases to six months for more senior grades), but it can take longer depending on ability.

Can I come to watch?
Everybody is welcome to come and watch a training session and is encouraged to speak to one of the instructors at any time. Be warned most who watch generally want to join in!

How much does it cost?
The first lesson is free. Training once a week for an individual costs £27, training twice a week costs £38 per month. Discount schemes are available for family membership and NHS (see instructor for further details), where can be as low as £3.00 per family member per session.

There is no "notice period" if you wish to stop training. A Karate License is also required prior to the first grading, this costs approximately £25 per annum. (application form available from instructor).

Do I need any special clothes?
We recommend just wearing a light-loose track suit for the first few lessons until you are sure karate is for you. When you are ready A "Gi" (karate suit) can be purchased from the club from around £20. That includes your Karate Hull badge!